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Online Tutoring - Math and Science

Help your Child Reach Their Potential


What do we offer?

We offer math and science tutoring in small group sessions. We strongly believe that every child can reach his/her potential with caring and nurturing guidance.

Every child is different. There is no one formula that applies to all when it comes to learning math and science. Every student has strengths and opportunities that are unique to their personality! Let’s unlock their potential! 

Call to schedule a free session.


Learn new math concepts during the coaching sessions.


Work on assignments and homework.


Parents, track your child’s progress online.


We design the lesson plan and assignments unique to every child’s needs.


Discuss progress periodically during PTA sessions.

Build a foundation for life.

Math & Science are one of the most critical skills needed to succeed in school, college and career. Building a great foundation starts with understanding the basic concepts at an early age. If your child is struggling with math concepts, or if he or she is doing well and wants to advance to the next level, or if he just needs help with homework or tests, we can help.  Call us today to unlock your child’s potential!

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What is our approach?

We use skill-based approach to teach math. At every grade level there are specific skill sets a child needs to master before moving onto the next grade. For example, at kindergarten level a child needs to learn comparing numbers, skip counting, fractions and introduction to graphs. 

We use concept-based approach to teach science. Our students enjoy learning science concepts using multiple creative tools such as educational videos, practical application, fun quizzes and engaging tests.  We tailor these based on your child’s  school curriculum that helps them improve grades.


Our unique teaching philosophy encourages students to learn and master these skills in a simple and enjoyable way. Learning a new concept and practicing until they master the skill with accuracy and speed is the key to success in ACT and SAT tests in high school.   

How does it work?

All our sessions are offered on-line via live interactive 2-way video sessions using the white-board software.  We show step by step approach to solve problems and ensure that the student understands the concepts. 


Students can ask questions and communicate with the teacher during the session, just like in a classroom. Website link and login credentials will be provided to students and parents.

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What makes us different?

After we teach a new concept during the session, we assign relevant practice examples to be completed before the next session. All the work done by the student in the session as well as at home is tracked including accuracy and speed of solving the problems.


An ongoing smart score is tracked for every student for every skill level. Students' progress charts are available to review for parents any time online. Here's more information on how to track progress.



Thank you for teaching my daughter! We appreciate the love for math that you have cultivated in her. Thank you for building a good foundation for her since elementary school.


– Aparna

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