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Level 3 (ages 8-10)

All camps run Mon. –  Fri., 10-11:30 a.m. on Zoom.

Price: $155

June 7-11  |  Course C-1


Did you know that 95 percent of teens use the internet and 77 percent of teens use Facebook? It is crucial to know cyber etiquette and how to stay safe online. This course will teach kids essential internet and social media safety and etiquette. It will also teach them about viruses and spamware that might compromise their confidential information. If your child is on the internet, this course is a must!

June 14-18  |  Course C-2


Do you want to be an astronaut? Do you wonder what is beyond our Earth and the solar system? Do you wonder what is out on the planets outside of our solar system? If you wondered about these questions, then this is just the course for you. We will learn about asteroids, meteors, other planets outside our solar system and have fun doing it. Any aspiring NASA scientists?

June 21-25  |  Course C-3

WHO'S THE BOSS–BRAIN OR HEART? (Advanced) 5 Spots Left

Who’s the boss – Brain or Heart? Ever wonder if it is your brain or heart that makes your hands and legs work? In this exciting one-week course, students will learn the basic functioning of the brain, heart, lungs, stomach, and circulatory system. They will also learn about how the brain manages various systems to help the body function at its best and in harmony.  This will generate enough curiosity for future doctors and surgeons.

June 28 – July 2  |  Course C-4


Do you get anxious when you have to speak in front of your class?  Do you have jitters when you have to give a presentation? Communication is an important component of your personal as well as professional life. Developing public speaking skills is especially important to be successful in high school, college, and beyond. Public speaking skills can be learned and mastered by practice. Join us to learn these important skills and build confidence!

July 12-16  |  Course C-5

GETTING TO KNOW MICROSOFT (Advanced)  4 Spots Left

Proficiency in Microsoft Office is one of the important skills students need as they go to middle and high school. It is never too early to start learning basic functionality that will help them excel, PUN INTENDED – LOL :)

July 19-23  |  Course C-6

DO YOU WANT TO BE A SCIENTIST? (Intermediate)  5 Spots Left

Do you have a budding scientist in your kid? This might just be the course for him or her to explore. This course exposes the student to the basics of physics, chemistry, and biology, which are the basic building blocks for any STEM-related career path. Students will explore each of these areas and have fun doing it. As part of this course, they will create their own project on one of the areas they are interested in and present it to the class. 

July 26-30  |  Course C-7

WONDERS OF THE WORLD (Advanced)  5 Spots Left

Do you get questions such as, "Who built the pyramids?" If yes, this is certainly a course for that curious kid. Man-made wonders of the world are amazing monuments that make us wonder, how did they build them? Without any modern cranes and machines, how did they design them so precisely that these monuments still stand tall? We will take a virtual tour of the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids in Egypt, the Taj Mahal in India, the Leaning Tower in Italy, and much more. Get your passports & visas ready!

Aug. 2-6  |  Course C-8

BUILD A HEALTHY BODY & MIND (Advanced)  5 Spots Left

Good habits for a healthy body and mind should start early in life. Kids need to learn that physical activity is needed to build strong bones, muscle strength, coordination, and confidence! Research has proven that kids who start early with healthy habits tend to maintain good health and overall happiness in their adulthood. Health and fitness are also strongly linked to academic success.

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