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Hybrid Learning 

We are thrilled to offer an exciting new approach to learning!

Happy Bug Academy is proud to introduce a groundbreaking combination:


-Self-paced study and an interactive Zoom session.


With this approach, students will have the freedom to learn at their own pace while also receiving valuable feedback and guidance from our experienced instructors. The Zoom sessions provide the perfect opportunity to interact with peers and participate in engaging discussions. Plus, at the end of each course, students can put their knowledge to the test with a fun and interactive quiz. This new approach to learning is all about making education more accessible, enjoyable, and effective for students of all learning styles. So, get ready to discover a new world of learning with Happy Bug Academy!

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Hybrid Learning Courses
Fin lit website.png
Financial Literacy
  • Module 1 Intro to Money

  • Module 2 Budgeting & Saving

  • Module 3 Investing & Entrepreneurship

  • Module 4 Final Project

  • Zoom session

Artificial Intelligence
AI web site.png
MS exel website.png
  • Module 1 What is AI?

  • Module 2 Machine Learning

  • Module 3 Natural Language Processing

  • Module 4 Future of AI

  • Module 5 Final Project

  • Zoom session

Microsoft Excel- Available in July
  • Module 1 Intro to Microsoft

  • Module 2 Building a spreadsheet

  • Module 3 Basic Operations

  • Module 4 Final Project

  • Zoom session

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