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All modules are Mon. –  Fri., 1:30-3:00 p.m. on Zoom.

Price: $145

June 7-11  |  Course A-1

PLANTS, ANIMALS & BIRDS (Junior edition)  5 Spots Left

Would you rather be a plant, an animal, or a bird? In this one-week exciting tour of plants, animals, and birds, students will learn to identify specific species of plants, herbs, mammals, birds, reptiles, worms, etc. They will also learn how our ecosystem works and what it needs to stay balanced.  Students will be provided with a kit for plant growth and will do their own experiments, make observations and report their findings.  A must for a budding young biologist or scientist (kit included).

June 14-18  |  Course A-2


Do you ever wonder what is beyond our planet Earth? If you were ever curious, this is the class for you. We will learn about our solar system. Students will be provided a kit and they will build their own model of the solar system. There are multiple activities planned so that the students can learn together as a virtual team and have fun at the same time. A must for a budding astronaut or an astronomer (kit included).

June 21-25  |  Course A-3

WHO'S THE BOSS – BRAIN OR HEART? (Junior edition)  5 Spots Left

Who’s the boss – Brain or Heart? Ever wonder if it is your brain or heart that makes your hands and legs work? In this exciting one-week course, students will learn the basic functioning of the brain, heart, lungs, stomach, and circulatory system. They will also learn about how the brain manages various systems to help the body function at its best and in harmony.  This will generate enough curiosity for future doctors and surgeons.

June 28 – July 2  |  Course A-4


Ever wonder about how cars, trucks, and airplanes work and how computers control them? If yes, then this is a perfect module to learn and understand how machines work. Computers play a huge role in our everyday lives, and now more than ever, it is important that kids understand how computers work. A must for the kids who love cars, trucks, and airplanes and want to become racecar drivers or pilots.

July 12-16  |  Course A-5

PLANET EARTH (Junior edition)  5 Spots Left

Do you want to visit the tallest mountain, swim in the deepest ocean, or hike down the Grand Canyon? Well, we can't take you there in person, but we can certainly give you a virtual tour and explain to you the natural wonders of our planet Earth. In this exciting course, we will learn about the tall mountain ranges, deep oceans, the big wide rivers, and the breathtaking canyons on our precious planet and how to keep them safe. If you have a budding geologist in your family, this is the course for him or her.

July 19-23  |  Course A-6

WHAT IS SCIENCE? (Junior edition)  5 Spots Left

Basic elemental science helps us learn and understand the world around us. Students will learn how to use science to understand their surroundings and interpret them. They will also learn how scientists use evidence to make observations and draw conclusions based on the data.  Join us to learn the fundamentals of physics, chemistry, and biology. We will discuss how to collect data, make observations and analyze them.  This course will generate interest for future careers in Science and Engineering.  

July 26-30  |  Course A-7

WONDERS OF THE WORLD (Junior edition)  5 Spots Left

Do you get questions such as, "Who built the pyramids?" If yes, this is certainly a course for that curious kid. Man-made wonders of the world are amazing monuments that make us wonder, how did they build them? Without any modern cranes and machines, how did they design them so precisely that these monuments still stand tall? We will take a virtual tour of the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids in Egypt, the Taj Mahal in India, the Leaning Tower in Italy, and much more. Get your passports & visas ready!

Aug. 2-6  |  Course A-8

BUILD A HEALTHY BODY & MIND (Junior edition)  5 Spots Left

Good habits for a healthy body and mind should start early in life. Kids need to learn that physical activity is needed to build strong bones, muscle strength, coordination, and confidence! Research has proven that kids who start early with healthy habits tend to maintain good health and overall happiness in their adulthood. Health and fitness are also strongly linked to academic success.

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