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Future Innovators-Science Challenge 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Happy Bug Academy, in collaboration with IHUB Chicago, is hosting the Future Innovators-Science Challenge-2024


Event Details

  • Date: August 24th,2024 

  • Time 2pm-5pm Central Time

  • Entry: $25.00

  • Venue: IHUB Chicago (Online participation available)

  • Eligibility: 1st grade -12th grade (Elementary grades, Middle school, High school)

Entry is valid only after receiving registration form and payment ($25.00) via zelle (id: 314-593-0311) or venmo (@Shraddha-Kumthekar)

Registration for Science Challenge 2024

Protecting your private information is our priority. All the information you share will be confidential, and we will not share it with anyone else.

Thanks for submitting!

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