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We are thrilled to offer three exciting Summer Series to further enrich your child’s summer experience.  These modules are 1 or 2 week(s) in duration with a maximum of 5 students per session. To provide you flexibility, we are offering these modules once in June and again in July. We are also offering 1 session option (Micro-Credentials) for select Math topics that are critical to succeed. 

Don't miss this opportunity to help your child get ahead of the game! Our Goal is to help students build confidence and shine bright next school year!

Hands Raised
Ready to Lead!

We are offering an exciting learning opportunity to help our students build confidence and get a head start! 

Are you ready to learn these project based modules with us this summer 2022?

1-Week Modules

Math Formulas
Jump Start Math Series

Do you want your child to get a jump start on math for the next grade or simply want to firm up the concepts from the current grade? If yes, this is the series for you!

2-Week Modules

Children Embracing in Circle

Do you want to master just a few topics? This is a perfect option to master those critical skills to help you excel next year! This is a series for those looking for a flexible learning opportunity

 1 session Modules

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