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How is Happy Bug Academy adapting the new ways of learning?


Moving forward, education will look very different. It is critical that we reduce the travel time and turn it into a productive learning opportunity. Online education is becoming an integral part of learning. This helps develop a critical skill of being able to work and communicate effectively as the world is becoming a global workplace.


Throughout this new and rapidly changing learning environment, it is essential to make sure your student does not fall behind (not an easy task for a parent!). Happy Bug Academy provides the much-needed opportunity for learning by interacting with people and technology and prepares students to adapt their learning habits for success in college and beyond. It provides a tool for parents to stay involved in the progress at a glance by tracking progress online.

What will my child get that he or she does not get in the classroom?


Your student will receive a tailored teaching plan that emphasizes learning with a unique approach. The best supplement to in-school education is the unique way of teaching, availability of ample examples to achieve accuracy, access to help, hints and step by step guideline while working on homework during the week. For parents, this tool gives an opportunity to look at the progress, check the smart score of your child, and have a summary of the work your child has successfully completed throughout the process.


Everyone learns differently. It is important to understand what works and what does not for a particular student. Happy Bug Academy utilizes methods that are proven to be successful with students at all levels.


My child is busy. Will he or she have time for this?


Meetings are planned based on your schedule, with several different options that range from booking individual class sessions to weekly or monthly class plans. Plus, there is no travel, so you save the time in traffic.

How do I track the progress of my child?


See Track Progress

Will there be assignments given to my child every week?


Yes, every week there will be homework assigned to the student. Homework is assigned based on the topics covered during the tutoring session. When your child logs in, he/she will see the skills assigned by the teacher. He/she can start working on one skill at a time. Every skill has anywhere from 20-90 questions depending on the complexity of the skill. Our online tool tracks the progress of the student in terms of accuracy and speed – both critical for success in SAT and ACT tests in high school. You can track progress of your student online any time.


Are there parent teacher meetings so we could discuss my child’s strengths and learning opportunities?


Yes, there are recurring parent teacher meetings. This gives parents opportunity to stay involved and share thoughts and questions with the teacher.

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