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Student of the Month!

The Student of the Month program is designed to inspire success. Students who are respectful, responsible and committed to success, who exemplify outstanding characteristics both as a student and as a part of the Happy Bug community are recognized and awarded .


Rishaan, a vibrant and talented 2nd grader at Happy Bug Academy has been named the Student of the Month, a testament to his exceptional dedication and accomplishments. Rishaan not only excels academically, performing at a 4th-grade level in IXL, but also shines in a diverse range of hobbies. From playing soccer, basketball, and kickball to engaging in video games, enjoying time with dogs, and building with Legos, Rishaan embodies a well-rounded individual. His passion for learning is evident in his favorite subjects: Math, Science, History, Writing, and Reading. Rishaan's love for sports extends to cheering for his favorite teams, including the Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta Hawks, and many others across various leagues. Off the field, Rishaan enjoys indulging in his favorite foods: pizza, pasta, and oranges. Rishaan's achievements and interests showcase his dynamic personality and dedication, making him a deserving recipient of this recognition. Congratulations, Rishaan!

He holds the record of completing most number of lessons (5) in one session! Anyone ready to break Rishaan’s record?


Garv, our exceptional 4th grader, is a mathematical prodigy, currently tackling 8th-grade math with ease!

His passion for learning and unwavering dedication make him the deserving Student of the Month! Garv's remarkable achievements inspire us all and exemplify the power of determination and intellect at any age. He has set a new standard for excellence at Happy Bug Academy.

His astonishing ability to grasp 8th-grade math concepts is truly awe-inspiring. Garv's insatiable thirst for knowledge and relentless dedication to his studies have propelled him to the top of his class. He effortlessly navigates advanced mathematical topics, showing that age is no barrier to intellectual achievement. His achievements serve as a shining example for all, emphasizing the importance of determination and passion in one's educational journey. His other hobbies include tennis and video games.

We proudly name Garv as our Student of the Month, celebrating his outstanding accomplishments and the bright future that lies ahead.

Congratulations, Garv!


I am so happy to share an amazing story of a talented student, Aadi!

Aadi scored 98% in AP Calculus in just 3 months after joining Happy Bug Academy! 

He was recently included in the National Honor Society at this school! His hobbies are skating, playing the clarinet and piano. He works diligently and always strives to do his best!

Can't wait to see Aadi excel and go to his dream college! He hopes to major in Business Management at UGA and own his business in the future! 

It is my pleasure to recognize Aadi as 'Student of the month' for his dedication and tenacity!

IMG-5554 updated.jpg

Congratulations Harshada, for being selected as Student of the Month!

Harshada is very talented and a hard-working student. She has really stepped up her game this quarter!  Harshada joined Happy Bug Academy 6 months ago and since then she has been on top of her homework, and putting in extra effort studying for her quizzes and tests! Some of her hobbies are dancing (hip hop) and drawing. She loves to participate in school plays. Her dream is to be a Disney animator when she grows up. You have our Best Wishes Harshada!! Shine Bright!

Art Muley.jpg

Art is a brilliant student! His dedication and relentless commitment is inspiring to many other students!

He received FTC deans list award 2021 in Ohio. His hard work helped him win Science Olympiad State championship as well as Penn state championship. We are proud of him!

He shares his dreams and goals:

Hello All, I am a UIUC bound senior. At UIUC, I will study physics and Electrical Engineering. I am particularly interested in quantum and condensed matter physics. - two fields of physics that were responsible for the inventions of LCD screens, RGB lights, or any of the billions of transistors and semiconductors inside a laptop.

I attribute much of my success in physics thus far to an emphasis on math and countless math tutoring sessions with Ms. Kay. Studying Math at an early age definitely helps build confidence and cognitive development! Thank you Happy Bug Academy for helping me build the confidence!


We are excited to announce our Student of the Month-Meher Garware!!

Meher has been on top of her homework and assignments. She is very responsible and consistently puts forth her best efforts to succeed academically. We appreciate her positive approach and willingness to go above and beyond to achieve success. Meher has excelled in school in spite of moving across continents! She has attended schools in the US, China and England even before entering High School! What an incredible ability to adapt and excel! Meher is a Triathlete, is part of her High School Swim Team and represents Michigan in U.S. Junior Olympics in Artistic Swimming. She loves Bollywood dance.

It is my pleasure to present the ‘Student of the Month’ award to Meher!

Shine Bright like a Diamond Meher! – (borrowed from a popular song lyrics)


We are excited to announce Student of the Month -Rohan Panchal!

                                              Congratulations Rohan!!

It is my pleasure to share with you all our Student of the Month-an incredibly talented, and hardworking student-Rohan!

Rohan excels on every category of the rubric that we use at

Happy Bug Academy.

He is respectful, responsible, and committed to success! He is ready to learn when he joins the online tutoring sessions. His ability to comprehend questions is incredible!

Rohan’s dream college is Stanford and he wants to study Business as his undergrad major. His hobbies include tennis and playing guitar.

Rohan’s leadership, ability to connect with peers and teachers and determination will help him succeed in the future!

Congratulations and Best Wishes Rohan!

Aarnav_SOTM Photo_edited.jpg

We are excited to announce Student of the Month:

                                                Aarnav Venkatakrishnan!

Aarnav is an incredibly talented student! He works hard to set an example for others! He is always eager to engage in the lesson or quizzes that we work on during the sessions at Happy Bug Academy. He completes assigned homework on time every week. He strives for 100 % on every assigned homework lesson.

Aarnav loves to play cricket. He was awarded the best wicket-keeper in the MLC Jr. Championship in the U13 age category. He has played in an impressive list of cricket tournaments for USA Cricket League.

Aarnav has remarkable academic achievements, he was awarded High Honor roll at school in addition to an Award for Character Excellence (ACE) for showing trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness,

caring, and good citizenship. He always treats others with kindness.

He wishes to become a professional cricketer. He wants to become a wicket-keeper batter just like his idol M.S Dhoni.


Congratulations & Best Wishes Aarnav!


Congratulations to Saniya for being selected as the student of the month at Happy Bug Academy!

                                                Saniya Parasnis

Saniya is a remarkable student with a genuine passion for tennis. She is an inspiring leader, having served as the captain of her school's tennis team. Saniya's exceptional skills in both sports and academics are a true testament to her dedication and commitment to excellence. Additionally, Saniya has a deep appreciation for music and enjoys singing in her free time. Her well-rounded personality and positive attitude make her a joy to be around, and she is an excellent role model for her peers.

At Happy Bug Academy, we are thrilled to have Saniya as a member of our community, and we are confident that she will continue to thrive academically and personally. Saniya's love for tennis, combined with her passion for music, embodies the values that we strive to instill in all of our students. We are proud to recognize Saniya as the student of the month and look forward to seeing her continue to achieve success in all aspects of her life. Congratulations, Saniya!

More students to be awarded 'Student of the Month'!

Visit us again to see the list of talented students at Happy Bug Academy!

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